What you can expect from our firm

We will provide you with verbal and written information about the rates we charge for our work.

We will provide you with initial estimates of the overall cost of your case if your matter proceeds in court or if your matter settles at an earlier stage.

Many factors can affect your overall legal costs as your case progresses.

We will send you interim bills so that you are regularly informed of your ongoing legal costs.

We will discuss any substantial disbursements (out-of-pocket expenses such as barrister's fees) with you before they are incurred.

We will provide you with written information about your rights in relation to legal costs.

We will provide prompt responses to any queries about your costs or bills. We do not charge you for responding to your queries.

We will charge interest on any bills that are not paid in full within 14 days.

In relation to your legal costs

You will be asked to sign a written costs agreement which sets out the way we charge for our services.

You will be expected to pay your bills promptly.

You will be asked to provide money to be held in our trust account for the payment of your legal costs and disbursements. This money can only be used to pay our bills for work performed by us or for the payment of disbursements (out-of-pocket expenses).

If you cannot pay your costs regularly as the matter proceeds or from your assets, income or funds borrowed from relatives, you will need to apply for a loan or litigation funding if you want us to continue to act for you. The two major litigation funders are Guardian and Quantum. Their websites are www.guardianfunding.com.au and quantumfamily.com.au.

In limited circumstances you may be successful in applying for a "barro" order. This means that the other party sets aside a lump sum of money or an asset is sold to enable you to pay your legal costs and any disbursements such as barristers' fees, accounting and valuation fees.

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