Family Law and Health Care Decision Making for Children

Introduction A person’s consent is generally required in Australia before medical treatment can be provided. People are not required to provide that consent, and there are various reasons why they may withhold their consent. The issue of consent is, however, complicated when the patient lacks the requisite capacity to provide...

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Family Violence – changes to the Family Law Act

The Family Law Amendment (Family Violence & Other Measures) Act 2018 ("Family Violence Act") commenced operation on 1 September 2018. Its changes will impact on the law, practice and procedures in family law matters, not only where there are family violence orders. Although the Bill received considerable attention when it...

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Hot Cases in Family Law 2017

Even before the delivery of the judgment by the High Court in Thorne & Kennedy on 8 November 2017, a financial agreement case, there have been major developments under the Family Law Act 1975 (FLA) in case law in 2017. This paper covers: Wallis & Manning - contributions and comparable cases. Calvin & McTier -...

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The Baby Gammy case

Recently, the Family Court of Western Australia delivered judgment in the "Baby Gammy" case. Although colloquially called the "Baby Gammy" case, the Court was asked to determine the parenting arrangements which were in the best interests of Pipah (Baby Gammy's twin sister).The lengthy judgment of almost 800 paragraphs and 190...

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Surrogacy—tip toeing through a legal minefield

Understanding inconsistency in the law between states in Australia presents problems for practitioners and their clients. Navigating the many legal barriers facing those desperate for a child, who battle bureaucracies and the legal systems of Australia and other nations, is a major challenge. There is also a significant amount...

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